transphobia, LGB Alliance 

From 'What's Up With "Gender Critical" Gay Guys?'

> The UK’s high rate of homelessness amongst LGBT youth, the risk of deportation faced by gay asylum seekers, or the fact that homophobic hate crime has soared since 2015 [...] Gay people in Britain can breath[e] a sigh of relief that an organization is here at last to advance their interests, all of which, for some reason, involve antagonising trans people.

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transphobia, LGB Alliance 

@cwebber i thought for a second that's a Guardian article lol

transphobia, LGB Alliance 

@meena @cwebber James Greig does also write for The Guardian and I think maybe it shows, for example in this dubious quote: "This brand of anti-identitarian transphobia has yet to make serious in-roads within the British left".

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