Anyway didn't they already make a live-action Cowboy Bebop they just renamed it "Firefly" for some reason...?

It's fun watching Cowboy Bebop with a Firefly fan (hey, I like it too) and having them say "wait, but.they put this scene in Firefly.... wait this one too... oh my god... this came out when?!"


@lienrag At exactly 2:23 in the video I just linked, you can see the Cowboy Bebop thing appear when the singer says "bungee jump". There's a person in a red spacesuit, jumping between two ships. (I don't have a longer clip of the Cowboy Bebop scene.)

Almost the exact same scene happens in Firefly, when their ship is being boarded.

It would be cool to see a side by side comparison. I couldn't find an example of someone doing it.

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