Anyway didn't they already make a live-action Cowboy Bebop they just renamed it "Firefly" for some reason...?

@cwebber i dunno
i never finished firefly

which is funny, given how cowboy bebop is all about endings

@meena the ending (and lack thereof) is the main thing all the firefly people complain about

@cwebber @meena I think the Firefly movie (just called Serenity) is a better ending to the series than most series can wish for. Still amazed that it happened after the show was cancelled.



@raucao @meena that random-ass death of a main character by something appearing out of nowhere through the ship wall tho

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@cwebber @meena Yeah, I found that a bit jarring, too. It's certainly not perfect. Just better than how a lot of other series ended, and overall satisfying enough compared to having no ending at all, is what I meant.

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