Anyway didn't they already make a live-action Cowboy Bebop they just renamed it "Firefly" for some reason...?

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It's fun watching Cowboy Bebop with a Firefly fan (hey, I like it too) and having them say "wait, but.they put this scene in Firefly.... wait this one too... oh my god... this came out when?!"

I mean, Cowboy Bebop has its problems no doubt, not calling it a perfect show. Sexist as fuck basically

@lienrag At exactly 2:23 in the video I just linked, you can see the Cowboy Bebop thing appear when the singer says "bungee jump". There's a person in a red spacesuit, jumping between two ships. (I don't have a longer clip of the Cowboy Bebop scene.)

Almost the exact same scene happens in Firefly, when their ship is being boarded.

It would be cool to see a side by side comparison. I couldn't find an example of someone doing it.

@cwebber i dunno
i never finished firefly

which is funny, given how cowboy bebop is all about endings

@meena the ending (and lack thereof) is the main thing all the firefly people complain about

@cwebber @meena I think the Firefly movie (just called Serenity) is a better ending to the series than most series can wish for. Still amazed that it happened after the show was cancelled.


@raucao @meena that random-ass death of a main character by something appearing out of nowhere through the ship wall tho


@cwebber @meena Yeah, I found that a bit jarring, too. It's certainly not perfect. Just better than how a lot of other series ended, and overall satisfying enough compared to having no ending at all, is what I meant.

@cwebber FIrefly wishes it could be the world of Cowboy Bebop. (shots fired).

(I like them both though)

@craigmaloney That scene where the villain launches himself between the two ships is one of the most visually evocative scenes in Firefly.

And it's LITERALLY ripped straight from Cowboy Bebop, like almost exactly

@cwebber Dammit, now we're going to have to rewatch both because I don't recall that.

(Though it wouldn't surprise me)

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