I really care about and still believe in the potential for computers and networking to make peoples' lives better. They've made mine a lot better.

I can understand when people express frustration with them, but usually the complaints match categories I want to do better in.


A lot of frustrations about computing come from feelings of a loss of control and agency.

Those areas reflect work we *should* do more work on! User empowerment through less gatekeepers, better user experiences, technology that works for *people*, communities.

We can do better!

@cwebber I find there are two major groups of people on the fediverse, usually at odds with eachother but they are more similar than they realize: Those who want to escape unnecessary censorship from social media, and those that want more censorship.

In the end they both want the same thing: To control how and what they are exposed to and can share... its just two ends of the same problem, lack of personal agency.

@freemo @cwebber funnily enough I've been in both groups during my time on fedi over the past year and a half
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