Jay Graber has been now publicly announced as running Twitter's BlueSky initiative blueskyweb.org/

Congrats and good luck!


And yes I know, there's a lot of fediverse skepticism for BlueSky, and yes, I have my own skepticism, but skepticism does not mean that good things won't happen, just that it will be a hard fight to make good things happen. I like Jay a lot and think she is very thoughtful (she's the one that did the overview report, and that was definitely a very good document), so I am cautiously hopeful. But this is something best demonstrated by doing so we will see.

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@cwebber it's really interesting how many different groups of people i see talking about decentralized web things at this particular moment

@cwebber and to everyone who is worried that potentially federating with :birdsite: would somehow "damage" fedi I say: federation is always optional (although walled garden operators like :birdsite: should probably be required to have a transparent process and good cause for defederating from small instances).

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