Google removes yet another FOSS application from the Google Play store because it links to its website which links to its Patreon

Walled gardens strike again

It's a pity. Why isn't the app on F-Droid instead ? 😕

@cwebber How... how many levels of indirection are allowed? What if you do a google search for the app, and their alternate payment shows up? Is that allowed?

@cstanhope then at least Google feels like they were included in your middle step and won't go cry in a corner

don't use DDG though that'll make them upset and angry and sobbing and throwing chairs

@cwebber shouldn't google remove their search app? It links to lots of patreons.

@cwebber As if we weren't having enough trouble funding our freesoftware development!

Who other FOSS would be questioning Google's rules?

@cwebber "We have a Patreon to support the development of this app! Please look for it online, as we are not allowed to link to it, or a page that links to it, anywhere on this page." ~ index_google.htm

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