Extremely excited to find this open source NES game by @NovaSquirrel:

Also an early SNES sequel:

They look... incredibly good, at least by the screenshots? I hope to try them and see. Maybe I could do a livestream?

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Gonna see if I can get them to compile. Maybe if I can we could add a package + launcher for Guix, so people could easily play them.

looks like ca65 and ld65 need to be packaged for guix first, but those are FOSS, so this looks quite possible

oh wait, it is packaged already... cc65!

This is gonna be easy!

Oh my god... this game is INCREDIBLE!

The scrolling is so smooth... the gameplay is so fun!

I don't know how @NovaSquirrel managed to do this whole thing... this is one of the best quality NES games I've ever played in my life!

@cwebber @NovaSquirrel can you play this in an emulator?

I woner. I never though i would see a modern NES game lol, sounds interesting as heck.

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