Adobe... joins Blender development fund?!?!

Probably the most shocking traditionally-proprietary-rival-funding-a-FOSS-project news I've ever heard. But I trust Ton Roosendaal in how smart they've been about Blender's institutional growth.

So... congrats!

@cwebber Since blender has quite a good track record with the user and developer communities thus far I will start with the assumption that this is a case of "if you can't beat them, join them". I would certainly like to see FOSS become mainstream in this space the way it has in IT but also hope that it does so without the brazen exploitation.

@cwebber I wonder what Adobe gets out of it? Are they gonna use Blender code in their apps?

@polychrome @ilovecomputers I guess the main thing they get out of it is free publicity. Arguably I helped with that by making this post... semi regret that.

The other thing is apparently there will be some plugins that make Blender more easily interface with Adobe stuff, which I hadn't seen when I made the post originally:

Also, it's less shocking in a sense than I was thinking; I had mixed up which A-prefixed proprietary company controlled Maya. Oops.

@cwebber @ilovecomputers this has significant enough an impact on Blender so it's worth posting about despite the publicity, it's okay!

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