It was hard for me to tell how serious the Audacity stuff was

but the original version of this comment (see edit history) is a threat of deportation and insinuation that if they don't comply with a takedown you hope they'll be imprisoned, killed, or tortured by their country of origin

and so yeah okay thanks for making that clear

(also thx for the link @Claire)

@cwebber @Claire it's this bit that really makes it art:

> EDIT: On second thought, I will not [explain it] and just leave it at that. It seems the internet is fed on outrage and must interpret every intent as malicious.

...added after editing the comment to remove the thinly veiled threat of deportation.

@cwebber @Claire and yet I going to bet the Musescore guy felt very smart and cunning when writing this. 🤦‍♀️

@rysiek @cwebber @Claire

What, you can’t smell the sheer panic coming off the screen? This guy knows he’s going to have to explain to his investors that they don’t actually own the thing they paid millions for.

@cwebber @Claire sorry I phrased that wrong.
Was more about how he's pretending it didn't happen.

@cwebber I guess read it differently. This Daniel Ray fellow actually started out in an excellent way, entering a hostile environment and trying to work to explain in depth the background and constraints. I really appreciate that. At least to the extent that I read (I didn't expand all comments) he maintains his cool and keeps things appropriate. And so when I see the original version of the focal comment, I guess I have a more charitable interpretation.

@varx I also tried giving benefit of the doubt here, but in no uncertain terms he seems to be saying "looks like we'd have to get you deported and looks like you'd probably get jailed or executed by your government so you should comply with my takedown request"

(The version I just linked shows the original, he edited it)

@cwebber Nope, I don't see the direct threats. (I read the newest and oldest versions of the comment.) I see discussion of the author being potentially in jeopardy, and I can see why people get a mafia vibe off of that, but to me it remains ambiguous.

It reminds me of when this guy drove his car into my bike, offered to pay for repairs, then stood me up. I tried telling him "look, I don't actually want to have to take you to court". I really didn't! But I'm sure it read similarly.

@cwebber I still haven't figured out a good way to convey that sort of "ugh, just do the right thing, it will be better for everyone" sentiment.

(That is, this would be "the right thing" in the Musescore guy's eyes. My opinion there is irrelevant.)

@cwebber (The *original* email, by someone else, is definitely threatening, though.)

@cwebber wow, disgusting.
And that guy is Head of Strategy @ Muse Group?

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