I don't love the "computers are bad" meme personally. Poor computers! They get so much blame when they just want to help us do things.

I love computers. I feel like it's all the social stuff *surrounding* computers that's sad. Let's make that better, and work with our computer friends to do it in the process!

@cwebber "computers would be better if we used them better" was more compelling when I was in highschool and had hope

@cantinto well I'm twice over out of high school and have seen lots of highs and lows and I still believe in making the world better, despite being a pessimist in general

it's worth trying!

and in the meanwhile, for me at least, computing devices are one of the few things that bring me consistent joy. it's when the computers are locked down, barring us from working together, that things get frustrating and sad.

@cwebber no, see, computers being locked down is only frustrating for people like us. Normies don't care that their computers are locked down. They want them to just work, and they want it to feel familiar and 'intuitive', whatever the hell it means for a computer to be that. they're always going to want that, and as long as that's the case, things won't change.

@cwebber @cantinto computers _are_ locked down and frustrating, but we have a group of people who have specialized in imagining that computers are limitless in potential

I love this.
Will try to remember more often.

This kind of thoughts are needed in the fediverse, for sure

@cwebber it's not computers that are bad, it's the adware that infests them mostly...

@ailurocrat Exactly. Computers are great! It's just that (95%) of software is horrible.


@emacsomancer @ailurocrat well it's true that hardware is fairly hostile these days too, but also can be made a lot better!

@cwebber That's true - non-repairability and such.

Ok, the concept of computers is great! - it's just the implementations which (often) suck.


@emacsomancer @ailurocrat Which I feel like that implementation-hampering comes from the social stuff I implied at the start, so still true I think :)

longinsh (tldr "yeah") 


Sorry, yeah, but sometimes it is very hard to love computers :meowSad:

It's the social stuff, but the social stuff is kind the part of computers that I use.

As much as I say I hate computers, compsci is the only place where I really feel at home, and although I've tried leaving it, I don't think I ever will /truly/ be able to...

My reasoning though is more of a personal thing. I'm bad at computers (even by human standards), so even though I'm way into it all, the feeling of being so slow & so far behind makes it easy to get burnt out.

longinsh (tldr "yeah") 

@MutoShack There's nothing wrong with being slow. Computers can be patient, it's the people around them that aren't sometimes :)

@cwebber computer is just a tool. it has no intention on its own. but it's used by people and that's people that may have bad intentions or insufficient skills to use them.
I think, computers are great. they solve many our problems, do a lot of work and help us get information.
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