abandon all copyright ye who enter here

@cwebber *gives you a copy of CC-0*

Sorry, required for portability…

@lanodan I'm the one who worked on pushing through FSF & OSI approval of CC0 1.0 when I worked at CC. It's worth looking at why it blew up, for explicit non-disclaimer of patents maybe ruining the "equitable estoppel" defense reasons.

I've still meant, all these years later, to make a minor addendum which disclaims those too. :\

@cwebber Oh yeah, I think that would be a very welcome addition to CC0.


Well, your statement could be understood in two ways:

1. Abandon all copyright, since we only use various copyleft licenses around here.

2. Abandon all copyright, since we are the Borgs of _______ [insert favourite $MEGACORP here] and we will assimilate your code.

But yeah, in both cases making money from free software and the work of others is the end game.

@ParadeGrotesque Or, abandon copyright as a legal institution, including for proprietary software.

@cwebber @ParadeGrotesque

Control. Copyright has f'kall to do with Monetisation. It's all about, and has always been about, control. But. Where and how property lines are drawn is important law. My view is that the line shouldn't be in my head or on my hard drive. But other's loss aversion disagrees.

@cwebber Makes me miss Groklaw and its coverage of SCO vs. The World.

@cwebber delete all copyrights within 24 hours after downloading

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