@cadadr Mastodon web UI literally doesn't use custom scrollbars

@gargron @cadadr@toot.cat they don't look like my system ones...? what technique is used then?

@cwebber @cadadr It's just CSS. We don't even change the size or anything, just colors


@gargron @cadadr@toot.cat found it in the css


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@gargron I've never used the css scrollbar extension before so I didn't personally know that was an option, guessing @cadadr@toot.cat didn't either.

So, it looks like the *browser* replaces with a custom scrollbar rather than the css one.

@cwebber @cadadr If the browser renders the scrollbar, then by definition it isn't a custom one. Custom scrollbars refers to HTML elements that reimplement scrollbar functionality using JavaScript, something we make no use of in Mastodon.

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