Screenshots of the new gender alpha build!

Please be courteous in giving feedback; everything is still in flux. We expect things to be significantly more polished before release.

Thanks for all the very kind responses, everyone... I've felt very fortunate for all the support I've gotten. It means a lot to me.

@cwebber dang this new build is already looking pretty great, i'm impressed!

@cwebber oh btw do you have pronouns you're especially comfortable with? or is that on the roadmap for the gender beta build :blobcat3c:

@cwebber you look great, and i'm happy you are getting to explore gender in hopefully meaningful ways :nonbinary_potion: :heart_sparkles_nonbinary:

@cwebber heck! it's a good look, very excited for it to ship :heart_nb:​ 🤩

@cwebber Looking good! Good luck with your gender explorations!

@cwebber Toss a like to your Webber, O' Valley of Plenty

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