Making a soup out of some intentionally planted weedy things and some weeds that just showed up.

Wood sorrel, japanese knotweed, amaranth leaves (pigweed!), creeping charlie.

Plus intentionally planted: dill, carrots and carrot greens, spinach.

The japanese knotweed stems are basically like rhubarb, I've been adding it to compote.

Today is the first time I'll be trying to cook the leaves, which are apparently edible, but since the stems are so rhubarb-like I've had this mental aversion (rhubarb leaves are poisonous)

Of the weedy things that "show up", wood sorrel is the only one we've tried to propagate more of, which is @mlemweb's favorite green for its delicate texture and mildly lemony taste.


We have tried adding some new weeds to our lawn though: started on wild strawberries and crimson clover last year, and adding various mints (including chocolate and pineapple mints!) this year (which yes, we might regret, but for now it's fresh tea every day)

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Also trying to get some fennel and dill goin' which we might also regret

@cwebber IME, worst case with those is you end up with a swarm of black swallowtails.

@cwebber We also stay on the lookout for broad-leaf and narrow-leaf plantain (Plantago, not Musa), violets, dandelions, and chickweed. Even the kiddo (6) likes chickweed.

Broad-leaf plantain is funny because it starts out tasting green and then turns into a mushroom flavor after a couple seconds.

@varx I think we have some of that in our yard but I'm not sure!

@cwebber I've had trouble identifying narrow-leaf plantain at times due to confusion with other plants, although it should be clear when it has a flower/seed stalk. Same with dandelion, surprisingly.

The others have been pretty clear, but I guess it depends on what else grows in the area -- I never had trouble with those two when I was growing up... but I also lived in an area where there wasn't anything similar in appearance. :-)

@varx I managed to identify it and cook some up last night! This video helped me:

Thanks for the suggestions! I never tried broad leaf plantain before!

@cwebber Ah, wonderful! And now you'll be seeing it everywhere. :-P

We've gotten in the habit of just letting a certain amount of these weeds live in our garden since they provide a ready supply of greens throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

(Also keep an eye out for purslane, which you may or may not find in your area.)

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