Pre-Scheme: A low-level dialect of scheme

Pre-scheme is what scheme48's lowest level is written in... it's also uses Hindley-Milner type inference! Neat!

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@cwebber This is nuts! Well, I mean, I only read the intro so far, but it /sounds/ nuts!

@MutoShack It's quite cool! Scheme48 is also an incredible project. It's too bad it's not really an actively used system these days.

@cwebber I find PreScheme really inspiring, especially for the bootstrappers among us.

/me looks at @janneke ;-)

@cwebber it's funny you posted this because i've been getting into Lisps after listening to your podcast a lot and last night I dreamed about Lisps

@cwebber I really don't understand why prescheme was abandoned; it sounds too good to be true

@cwebber @technomancy it sounds like RPython in PyPy, but with less funding. Which might be the reason.

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