Oh wow. I argued in my talk to the EU/EC that if we're going to see regulation in the social network space, requiring interoperability is one of the more effective paths. That might actually happen. socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

I remain nervous about the DMA but this could be good..?


Just to be clear I'm *not* making the case this happened as a consequence of my talk (I am very disconnected from all this)

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(who knows maybe it did something though... would make having gotten up at 3am to present it all the more worthwhile, heh)

From small acorns mighty oaks can grow. Its early days, but there already has been historical pressure for using open standards. I think as people end up on the Internet for longer silos where you can't move your data easily or track what's being done with it will be seen as unethical. Therefore they will be seen as unattractive to use. We can but hope.

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