Here's the video of today's call with the European Commission, including my talk on "Networked Communities as Essential Infrastructure"!

@cwebber could the commission communication team be misinformed ? they have 1.5M followers on the birdy, it's not more than the AP users ... far from it ... no ?
appart from it this is very positive response from those EU teams in general ; congrats! !

It will take time for AP to adapt to a broader public, from institutions but also from general public : we also need coops servers for the glocal public around, and some funds/helps to get them up quick

@cwebber I'm not entirely sure if I understand everything talked about in this presentation (I'm not European and I am not terribly familiar with EU governance). But for a layperson, the takeaway seems to be that the EDPS is trying out Mastodon and PeerTube, with the intention of promoting its use to the EU as alternatives to centralized (and especially US-based) social media platforms. Is that correct?

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