Beyond the shouting match: what is a blockchain, really?

A blogpost I've promised for a while. It's long, but I hope it brings some clarity.


Oops, I had forgotten to check in an image... this image! So it was broken. Fixed now.

It's by Mark Miller and is one of my favorite pieces of imagery for thinking through the layers of decentralized networked systems.

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Full agreement on "sportsball" and how annoying the toxic masculinity of trading culture

Marginalized individuals are often excited about DeFi (decentralized finance) because it disrupts the pawn industry. First Nations and nations in the global south often want the same thing that Britain wants with their own currency - global recognition of their autonomy. And for the global south, access to currency markets (the ability of trade partners to secure a stable exchange rate) without using their reserve currencies is important

I wish decentralization was an assured selling point with the EU. VMs on CapTP will definitely be more efficient (competitive) than EVM, even with Eth 2, though you'll need applications to do apples to apples comparisons with Algorand and Cardano. Decentering US tech companies, playing nice with blockchains and SOLID, creating business opportunities for EU-based hosting companies, and providing services like glue logic, public key infrastructure, and discovery (via the document management vocabulary of Activity Pub) seem (to me) to be more reliable appeals

Also the "right to be forgotten" is a key application of "time travel"

Good luck 🍀🤞🍀👍

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