I just checked... removing comments and whitespace, goblin-chat's chatroom and user protocol is a mere 167 (!!) SLOC, yet manages to produce an end-to-end encrypted, peer to peer chat system... without a single line of code mentioning cryptography or the network once.

What makes that possible? CapTP!

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@cwebber While thats a great accomplishment regardless of the answer to this question:

I assume you are using libraries for most of the heavy lifting like encryption which is keeping the LoC so low?

@freemo Yes, and in fact that happens on yet another layer below CapTP, the "netlayer" component

More or less, CapTP provides a secure distributed object system, where no more access than which has been intentionally handed out is possible. Sitting on top of a "netlayer" component, the abstractions for a secure networked communication system are given.

All in all, you can think of CapTP as a new abstraction layer win, akin to how TLS and TCP save devs time.

@cwebber Ahhh sounds very cool indeed, thanks for sharing that. I will be looking into that in more detail!

Rock on!

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