Not near the top of my writing queue, but still on my mind:
- Cryptocurrencies are inevitable
- There are non-blockchain cryptocurrencies
- "Blockchain" is the "cloud" of merkle trees
- Bitcoin style blockchains have a role, but scoped
- Smart contracts precede blockchains

The title in my head is "Beyond the shouting match: a future for cryptocurrencies for everyone"

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@cwebber These things are poor PoC at all levels, and to me outdated. What we need are new cyberspaces concepts and architectures that would allow way better implementations of those PoC, thanks to native crypto primitives such new alternative cyberspaces architectures & concepts would provide.

@cwebber Do not ignore that most crypto-currencies encode capitalism behavior in their core and that socially desirable crypto-currency cannot encode such choice in a way that cannot be altered. I am in general reluctant to many crypto-currency projects because they convey anarcho-capitalist values in their core I don't really get behind, even if I posess crypto-currency for historical reasons and I like some features it provides, I wouldnt obtain any more of it today.

@cwebber I'm extremely ready for this because a) I believe cryptocurrency will happen at some point, b) I hate the current discussion (and much of what I know of bitcoin and NFTs), c) I've consciously chosen to not invest time in educating myself more, and d) economic writers I respect (e.g. noah smith) are proclaiming that there is a place for crypto which mostly makes me groan atm. 🥴

@cwebber I guess I'm saying I'm ready to understand why I'm wrong but lazy so want to start by accepting an explanation from people whose knowledge and values I trust 🙃

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