"In this house, 'crypto' means 'cryptography'"

-- I think @ehashman at some point

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Although also in this house, "cryptocurrency" doesn't necessarily mean "blockchain-based cryptocurrency", though the reasons why that's interesting I have yet to expand in longform

@cwebber @ehashman A prefix means a specific application of the prefix? I don't get it.

@hex @ehashman "Crypto" referred to "cryptography" for a long time before referring to "crypto[graphy-based ]currency" as a specific application, so people who still use it in that form might want to explain clearly that this is their usage of the term, for one thing

@cwebber @ehashman Gotcha. I didn't realize this was disambiguating cryptocurrency from cryptography. There are still other areas where crypto (as a prefix) is used but has anything to do with cryptography. Cryptozoology comes to mind.

@cwebber cryptocurrency is sort of like cryptozoology, right?

@cwebber @ehashman Growing up in the 90s in Milwaukee, "crypto" often meant "cryptosporidium"...I still occasionally flash back to that when the bitcoin-mania rages around me in the office.

@agmlego @ehashman Ahahaha, I also grew up in milwaukee and you know now I'm having flashbacks to thinking the same thing the first time I started learning about cryptography

@cwebber @ehashman Yeah, I do not recall a *lot*, but there were apparently shortages of storebought gallons of water, so we lived on milk and distilled bought from the hardware store

@agmlego @cwebber I must admit this was much more pleasant than what I was expecting in my mentions while waiting for the messages to load

@cwebber @ehashman in this house, ML is a programming language and AI was invented by Cousot and Cousot

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