Horatia is just as excited as I am, as you can see from her grin

@cwebber Amazing! How I didn't know about that book? Have fun.

@cwebber Huh, I completely missed this coming out. Sounds like a spiritual successor to SICP, which I'm currently rereading. Off to order my copy!

@cwebber It also seems to be completely sold out! I'll try looking for a copy in local bookstores, but I'm not very optimistic.

@cwebber Oh, do please let me know if it lives up to SICP. I wouldn't have time to read it sooner than you'll be done with it anyway.

@cwebber I only looked at a few pages, but I can already tell it’s fantastic! Thanks!!

@cwebber lol « spurious ontological commitments » this is going to be a gold mine!

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