Probably the unknowingly smartest move I made in my career was adopting Emacs as my editor. Lead to my interest in FOSS philosophy, exploration of lisps leading to deeper exploration of CS, not to mention being the world's most productive development environment.

They tricked you and planted an emacs emulator into your system!

@cwebber Every few years I give emacs another go but I've never gotten it to stick. That's the great thing about FOSS though, if one tool doesn't fit your need there are plenty others out there to try!

@cwebber I picked vim but I had a similar experience through a MUCK that used a Lisp-y scripting language.

@cwebber Good question. (It closed down over 15 years ago and I forget the platform.) I might be misremembering the degree of its Lisp-iness but I do remember coding with only parenthetical brackets.

#vim was my gateway to UNIX and FOSS. I couldn't imagine my life without it.

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