Wow, This Anime Does Not Exist definitely is something

It does generate many "sensitive" images though, just fyi

The decision to display these images *en masse* is pretty brilliant. With them flying by you, they mostly all seem ok with your eye scanning over them.

Upon closer inspection, some pass flawlessly, and some have some *very* entertaining errors.

And they all do a pretty good job of pointing out what All The Tropes are.

Some of the errors are much more interesting pieces than what they probably "should have" generated

Pretty sure this one was the computer making notes for itself while it was still figuring out animoo human proportions

@cwebber it looks like a moe-fied neon genesis evangelion remake :oh_no:

@cwebber wow, there are some real body horror ones in there

@cwebber Can indeed relate to getting distracted by very interesting stuff :D

@cwebber .......besides some face and body errors i *honestly* can't tell the difference from the real thing 😭

@cwebber ⬆️ This is an extremely effective way to illustrate the "bias in bias out" problem of machine learning...
It tells a sad truth about mainstream anime, though...

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