An article about legal interest in the EU on Right to Repair stuff:

Pressure in the right direction, though the biggest threat (at least in the US, don't know EU law here as well) to the right to repair is the use of *intellectual restriction laws* to obstruct repair / reverse engineering / jailbreaking.

And yes, "intellectual restriction laws" is the term I use for "intellectual property laws". While different, that's the common tie between such laws: to restrict certain kinds of use of non-rivalrous intellectual goods/activity.

@cwebber "intellectual monopoly laws" is a better term, as those laws regulates monopoles on intellectual works.
@Feufochmar @cwebber I agree, and that's what I use, but "intellectual/immaterial privileges" maps neatly onto the same initialism as the official term.

@Feufochmar I've considered and debated that, yeah. I'm unsure... though I'm having a hard time remembering the details of why

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