sometimes I wonder if I should stop self-hosting email and reserve self-hosting for decentralized communication systems which are not architecturally doomed


Okay yes, the questions have started rolling in and so to avoid repeating myself:

- Email is the Original Decentralized Social Network, thus impressive
- It might never die
- But it will probably be mostly centralized, already is being so
- Security has moved to an "origin-oriented" approach, slowly dooming self-hosting (take note, fediverse)
- PGP model hasn't worked for 30 years, won't by this point
- A great way to get letters, a bad way to do cool things

That's all for now.

@cwebber I’ve never thought about email that way before. it’s weird to me how similar email and mastodon are, even down to the @handles, accounts belonging to an instance, moderation, etc

Kinda feels different knowing that social media has regressed from decentralized to being centralized rather than just always being centralized like kids born in the last decade or two probably think it is.


@ace You're not wrong. I think if left to its current state, the ActivityPub network is likely to suffer the same problems. But there is a way out... that's why I've been hard at work on all the Spritely stuff.

@cwebber I think I mainly meant that it’s different knowing that we used to be decentralized before modern mainstream social media threw that away (as opposed to always having always been centralized and trying to move away from that)

As much as I say “yeah let’s just get one really good social network into the mainstream” I realize that’s pretty difficult. I definitely agree (with I think the FSF) that the way for FOSS and freedom to become mainstream is through entertainment.

@cwebber I don't want to do "cool things", I want to send letters. I also want everyone who wants to do cool things onto me to stay the fuck away.

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