I wonder if I could cobble together some low-power, ergonomic, on-the-go hacking setup with an e-ink display, some sort of split keyboard, and one of the many tiny computer boards available today

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@cwebber @technomancy I ordered keyboardio's Atreus to work with my kindleberrypi. I'll let you know how it works.

@humberto @technomancy Wow! I don't suppose you'd treat us to a video of it in action?

@humberto @cwebber @technomancy This looks like a dream, how is the latency between pressing a key and something happening on screen?

@conatus latency is not great on this model kindle touch. The newer paperwhites are better.

pretty awesome, do you have some advanced links and what is that keyboard?

@pcm @conatus I'm following max ogden's instructions to build the kindleberrypi
it's a rooted kindle touch sshing into a raspberry pi 4.

The keyboard is @technomancy Atreus, purchased from

alright, thank you!
the keyboard seems a bit small for my hands and I think I would take a raspberry zero w just for writing and have maybe a 18650 battery mod
@conatus @technomancy

@cwebber last time I looked into e-ink, the low-latency displays weren't available to DIY hackers, and the options I could find had just abysmal refresh rates.

but once these become a bit more reasonable I would like to give it a shot.

@cwebber I really want a tiny computer with an e-ink display. I don't get how e-ink screens are still so expensive, they have been around for a while now but they don't seem to get that much cheaper.

@cwebber I keep thinking about this too. With our powers combined...

@brainwane !!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't! I also wasn't aware of the VuFine!!!!

@cwebber I too am very excited for the prospect of something like this and ordered the Atreus and Elecom Deft Pro as the first steps...

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