health/diet (good news) (not requesting advice) 

I didn't post my weigh-in this morning but I'm down 4.0 pounds. A huge relief to get such a downswing after the earlier large upswing which had made me really depressed.

Not doing anything too complicated the last few days, just using the "household point-buy system" we use for chores / snacks as a normal limit and not over-indulging.

Feeling better than I have...


health/diet (good news) (not requesting advice) 

We have to be up and out the door early tomorrow; I probably won't get a chance to weigh-in. However I'm feeling more optimistic than I have!

Resuming by weighing in again on Saturday.

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health/diet (good news) (not requesting advice) 

@cwebber woot woot!

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