health/diet (no advice, please) 

Down 2 pounds from yesterday's massive spike, but it's still high up from where things were by about another 2 pounds. Still, I'll take it...

I guess my goal this week is to end up where I was, again.

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health/diet (no advice, please) 

@cwebber I'm curious about your experiment. Just a question: why 10-day average instead of 7-day? We live in 7-day cicles.

health/diet (no advice, please) 

@shevek don't remember fully, probably was just borrowing the logic from The Hacker's Diet when I originally wrote this

health/diet (no advice, please) 

@cwebber Hacker!!?? Are you sure you read "10" instead of "16"? 😄

I wish you good luck with your purpose 👍 In similar personal project, I tweaked my habits at half-2017 awaring type-2 diabetes. As a side effect I started to lose weight (slowly but firmly). Now I reached BMI 23 (I started in 30...) and, most important, the diabetes minace flew away !!! 💪

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