Is there anyone out there using the Pinephone for daily use so far? How are you finding it?

@cwebber I actually haven't turned mine on yet because I received a bunch of other open hardware around the same time! I've been prioritizing monkeying with the firmware/layouts on my mechanical keyboards.

I'm very interested to see how plausible the PinePhone is as a daily driver.

@kelbot @cwebber It's ... mostly functional... I'm running mobian, and there's been plenty of days where I just sigh and wait to update it again/deal with whatever weirdness occurred when I have the time to. If I wasn't staying home right now, and mostly communicating with people via the internet, it wouldn't be daily drive-able yet.

@cwebber @wilbowma I haven't used it daily yet but I'm planning on writing a blog post about it when I do

@cwebber @wilbowma overall it's more functional than I thought it'd be but it is slow and not great

gonna try plasma mobile on it and see if it's any better than phosh

@cwebber I tried. I had trouble communicating with one contact in particular & had terrible battery life.

I'll try again sometime later...

@cwebber I have a low standard as the Pinephone is my first real phone I use regularly, but I have found it quite nice.

Several glitches with Mobian (which is the only distro I've been using regularly), but again, I just push past them.

@flamingkeys @cwebber Lowish use and toleration of bugs that may substantially impact usability.

@cwebber I use it as my daily driver. It is shaping up daily & now I'd say it's quite ready to replace your existing phone if you don't rely on too many proprietary apps without a web app.

My recommendations:

- Ubports/Ubuntu Touch is most akin to a standard Android experience, but also the most restrictive.

- #ArchLinuxARM & #Mobian are the most polished, calls work with quality audio, SMS works, good selection of optimized #Linux apps, #postmarketOS is close & offers full disk encryption.

@cwebber sleep sometimes messes with SMS, but calls now work. can use Firefox as well. battery life is decent. more and more apps also work with a phone layout, like Dino.
much better performance than my Android phones.
the "official" estimate says that the software should be daily driver ready in a few months.
but yeah, way better already than my Galaxy Nexus with Lineage.

@cwebber i should mention that my baseline for phones has been:
- two Nexus 7 tablets that both died after about a year
- several old Nokia phones, all with various defects, some getting worse with use
- Galaxy Nexus that LineageOS dropped support for out of the blue and left me wondering why i'm not getting updates.
- phones of friends that were functional, but expensive, impossible to repair when half of them broke their screens, and riddled with bloatware apps, and of course locked down so in a few years will have outdated software.

so, with the PinePhone i know that it's just going to get better. and i don't rely on my phone so much that a few bugs would stop me, so i'm basically happy doing beta testing. but it's a damn good beta test so far.

@cwebber for me, the only thing that prevent from using it as a daily driver is the lack of MMS support. (A least, something saying that someone sent me a MMS.)

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