OMG! Guix is now in Debian Experimental!

This could be great for Guix and Debian both!

@wolf480pl @cwebber It's both a package manager and a distro. I think formally the distro is "Guix SD".

@wolf480pl @cwebber I believe Guix can be used to install packages outside your distro's normal package system, without colliding. Not unlike pkgsrc.

Useful if say something is in guix, but not in Debian. Or is more up to date in Guix but not in Debian.

Or you want to give users the ability to install packages, without impacting the rest of the system.

@brad @wolf480pl @cwebber Ah, it's been a bit since I've booted it up. Hasn't it?

@josias @wolf480pl That's right! I ran Guix first as a userspace package manager in Debian before I switched to using it as my distro. It's nicer as a distro (especially because of goofy things like locales) but it's very useful as both... *especially* as something like a "universal virtualenv" solution!

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