This morning is RacketCon!

Right now is the keynote. In a couple of hours is my talk on Spritely Goblins!

And you can join in this virtual world thingy

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If you want to watch the talk outside of the virtual worlds setting, you can watch the live stream here:

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@cwebber Ah… oh, sorry to reply to you with this but I'm not sure where else to ask—is the virtual world thingy entirely unavailable if you don't have a camera attached? I get “awaiting audio and video permissions…” but no actual permission indicator to allow, I'm pretty sure I allowed all the relevant stuff in uMatrix, and the console says there's exceptions happening involving media streams…

@cwebber Looking forward to the other talk you promised about the computer science history behind goblins.

@njoseph That was actually the first variant of the talk I submitted, but Jay suggested that I should focus more on "how to expand the game" stuff because it would be a more fun talk. He was ultimately right but I'm glad to hear there's interest in the CS history version of the talk too :)

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