@alcinnz A major question in fossandcrafts.org/episodes/2-m

(which also means I'm surprised I didn't see this till now, thanks to @bamfic for the link)

@cwebber @alcinnz @cwebber @bamfic

> What kind of impacts could #machinelearning advancements make on #FOSS, programming in general, #art production, and civic society?

My prediction: Nothing much good! Not for normal people anyway

This is a good opportunity to announce that - building on @aral #smalltech and #SmallWeb - I and some other people started pursuing #SmallAI

Or #AI for #people. The FOSS and friendly open kind

Not much to see yet, but suggest resources to codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

@humanetech @cwebber @bamfic @aral I don't know of any links refined enough to go on that list, but a couple of stories come to mind:

First I once had a contract for the local museum to help people relate to Nelson's hostoric photo collection using facial recognition. I didn't persist or transmit any data for that task, it just looked up a photo from it's database that looked the most like you.


@humanetech @cwebber @bamfic @aral Also as for art, I've heard Into The Spiderverse made some effective use of machine learning to achieve their style... Though I'd consider that something to develop bespoke for specific movies or the like...


@alcinnz you're spot on in these directions.

#SmallAI is personal AI that could run on-device or on small servers, whereas Big AI is Datacenter AI that is owned and run by the Molochs. And as we use their stuff, we'll be owned by them too.

The Big AI will then decide what's left for us humans to be involved with, leaving us husks of our former selves.

Arts? We can fiddle with AI params and with a printer it will paint Van Goghs, 3D print Michelangelo's sculptures


@cwebber @bamfic @aral


#SmallAI are personal assistents of all forms and kinds that process personal data from encrypted vaults, without broadcasting it around.

They support a skill, help form a habit, encourage you to learn and socialize both offline and online, and take boring tasks and other chores off your shoulder.

They are enrichments to your life, that give more space where you might flourish.

They are #OpenScience consume #OpenData from the web, and are #FOSS all the way!

@cwebber @bamfic @aral


Note also that #SmallAI can be used to replace Reputation Systems and their massively scaled up versions: The Social Credit dystopic hellscapes that are everywhere on the rise.

But maybe that is only feasible in places where the latter have not yet become commonplace and accepted, and when Small AI gains sufficient popularity and traction.

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"Social Credit" .. the whole notion is disgusting and typical of the hypercapitalist society we find ourselves in.

As if the social fabric of humanity is a debit / credit system, and you can lend and borrow. Become tremendously rich in social credit as well, by exhibiting capitalist behavior. Buy yourself a new ferrari and a highly esteemed status?

No thank you. We have to rekindle real humanity, before this space is occupied with social credit plutocrats.

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@humanetech @alcinnz @cwebber @bamfic @aral i really liked the idea of a real life rupee bag. you’re free to do any kind of entrepreneurial activity you want, but past a certain amount your bank account just maxes out, and any additional money you get just kind of falls out.

@humanetech @alcinnz @cwebber @bamfic @aral it feels right and just anyhow. I know that if you wanted to really inplement that there would immediately be a thousand ways to obstruct or exploit it and plenty of people willing to do that. any system needs a plan for the jerks

@fgaz nice! Didn't check yet. Could you add as comment to the open issue for collecting candidates?

@alcinnz @cwebber « OpenAI will continue to offer its public-facing API, which allows chosen users to send text to GPT-3 or OpenAI’s other models and receive its output. Only Microsoft, however, will have access to GPT-3’s underlying code, allowing it to embed, repurpose, and modify the model as it pleases. »

That kind of open, I guess.

@varx @alcinnz The game does permit making clothes out of cotton but I haven't found any yet!

How about stinging nettles? You can make cloth out their fibers and it's better than flax and does not sting.
They made royal underwear out of it in the middle ages.

Might suggest that to the game devs...might be fun.

@alcinnz @varx
@cwebber @mlemweb
Nettles are good to eat, too, when they are young. Just gotta pick with gloves. Then put in hot water. The sting disappears.
@varx @alcinnz

@varx @alcinnz @cwebber the word we're looking for is "gratis".

Nothing open about a proprietary api.

@cwebber How is that not theft of a billion dollars collected under false pretenses?

@cwebber there is nothing to worry about! Microsoft :ACNH_Love: Open Source after all

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