Everyone else: I love the movie Hackers because of its so-bad-its-good "hacker" cyberpunk aesthetic

Me: Sorry ok here's that aesthetic but 20x

@cwebber sorry I almost couldn't hear you over the sound of the fact that you mentioned Hackers three minutes ago and it caused me to queue up Halcyon On and On

@technomancy @cwebber god why did they hire him???? I still dont understand why you’d do that

@cwebber this almost hurt to watch but also we couldn't stop giggling

@cwebber I'll write a GUI interface in Visual Basic, see if I can track an IP address.

@polychrome @cwebber

i have heard that @guenther can write GUI interfaces in visual basic

@cwebber Is this the same episode where they log into a BBS and play a word game with a mysterious opponent? That seemed impossibly cool and dramatic at the time

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