There are a LOT of good conference talks this year at . Like, seriously, I can't believe how many are so good.

I'm going to highlight a few in particular in this thread (if I don't highlight yours, it's just due to lack of time, I was seriously impressed by all the talks)


"Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls" by @Argus is hands down the highest amount of polish I've ever seen at a conference talk EVER. It's all animated! How on earth did @Argus manage to do all this work?

And the talk really delivers on its subject, with actual data and interviews. It's good journalism and highlights how, even though I think the moderation tools we have on the fediverse are today, fediverse admins are *making them work* with huge success.

@cwebber @Argus

I'll also say that this talk also has one of the best summaries of the fediverse for a non-specialist audience (i.e. non programmer, non fediverse user) I've seen so far

@cwebber @Argus Oh, hey. How about that? 23:23 is us. We're curious why we weren't reached out to, tbh.

@cwebber @Argus Also, something that wasn't mentioned in the video: The Fediverse largely took a proactive approach to blocking Gab. Gab announced they were coming a little while before actually making the code implementations.

During this time, many instances, including ours, pre-emptively suspended all potential Gab-related domains before they even had a chance to infect us. In other words, a large portion of Gab's isolation happened before they even started federating.

@KitsuneAlicia @cwebber Are you Yowlen? It's great to connect with you, I had hoped to be able to track you down but had trouble.

The video is live but I still am tweaking the paper. Could I pick your brain?

@cwebber @Argus Some posts in my timeline (I forgot who was, but it wasn't me) propose to change the #Federated description/tag to #Confederated if, and only if, the federated has mens to deal with abuse/spam accounts or instances in a group of trust (such as blocking or, for the less aggressive form, hiding, for example).

@adfeno @Argus Eh... I don't think a terminology fork there will help the situation.

@cwebber @Argus Hm, I see… Thinking again about it, I also consider the change of terminology somewhat problematic, specially now that all of us have so many things to focus on.

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