There are a LOT of good conference talks this year at . Like, seriously, I can't believe how many are so good.

I'm going to highlight a few in particular in this thread (if I don't highlight yours, it's just due to lack of time, I was seriously impressed by all the talks)

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"Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls" by @Argus is hands down the highest amount of polish I've ever seen at a conference talk EVER. It's all animated! How on earth did @Argus manage to do all this work?

And the talk really delivers on its subject, with actual data and interviews. It's good journalism and highlights how, even though I think the moderation tools we have on the fediverse are today, fediverse admins are *making them work* with huge success.

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"Digital public sphere - From gated platforms to the fediverse" by @eest9 takes a sociological approach to analyzing the fediverse, and cites some interesting academic papers that I had no idea were being written!

I think this is really important; we should be approaching federation tech in an interdisciplinary manner. It's not just technology... it's people!

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@darius gave the perfect closing keynote to in "Let's Play and Win Our Own Game" by helping us think from the perspective of: what are the centralized systems failing at, and what can we do that they can't? Lots to think about here!

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Okay maybe I'll actually do my commentary on all of them, but later. I'm just going to cover two more for now and maybe we'll come back later to do the rest.

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I really enjoyed watching @redchrision's talk at on "An analysis of privacy design principles as applied to decentralized systems"

It's interesting to me because this is the one talk we've had this year that was a clear continuation of thoughts from a previous year's talk

Christina has expertise in GDPR policy; between both talks you get an excellent overview of thoughts from policy-oriented last year and network structure this year

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Also I really recommend watching the opening keynote, a panel of authors/editors from the ActivityPub spec

I moderate it, but my goal here was actually to highlight everyone *else's* role in the AP specification. I think since I'm the noisiest of the ActivityPub-standardizing people on the fediverse, it may be possible to miss just how many other people were involved... and the way their thinking and involvement contributed to the spec we have today!

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Okay, that's all for now. There are really, seriously, a lot of other good talks, and I'm sorry I was only able to highlight a few, but I do have to get back to work! I might come back later and give my thoughts on each one (I did watch all of them). They're all listed here!

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@cwebber @Argus

I'll also say that this talk also has one of the best summaries of the fediverse for a non-specialist audience (i.e. non programmer, non fediverse user) I've seen so far

@cwebber @Argus Some posts in my timeline (I forgot who was, but it wasn't me) propose to change the #Federated description/tag to #Confederated if, and only if, the federated has mens to deal with abuse/spam accounts or instances in a group of trust (such as blocking or, for the less aggressive form, hiding, for example).

@adfeno @Argus Eh... I don't think a terminology fork there will help the situation.

@cwebber @Argus Hm, I see… Thinking again about it, I also consider the change of terminology somewhat problematic, specially now that all of us have so many things to focus on.

But I mentioned the meeting with Erwin at the 36c3 once and really wished that you were in Leipzig. Maybe we can say "you had a rough idea but other things than science were important too" ;))

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