have you ever transcended space and time and become one with the universe

what was it like how did you get back in your body

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I heard a sound like the unshod hooves of a single sleek stallion cantering through the verge between beach and forrest. A 17 pound cat landed on my chest at speed. I sprang awake instantly sitting bolt upright. The cat hit the wood paneling feet first, maintaining enough forward momentum to gallup along the horizontal surface in a graceful arch to the floor before the doorway, and thumped back down the hallway it had come

@cwebber I lay on the beach looking into the stars and *felt* that the universe could really be infinite and that everything could actually be random chance.

Does that count? :-)


Yes. I don't care to relate it. I made a choice to return and to live this life.

@cwebber Sure.
> how did you get back in your body
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