tfw you overwork yourself trying to get your presentation done, you give a test run of it, and it's clear that you need to drop at least 50% of it... the 50% which was the hardest part

Oh well, it's better to know and to have a good presentation in the end!

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@cwebber Plus it gives you sequel potential.


@craigmaloney It does. Basically the feedback on my RacketCon talk was "you mixed in stuff about how Goblins works and what it can do with some history, and you should drop the history... that's probably more interesting to a strangeloop talk than a racketcon talk"

So I guess the CS history that leads up to Goblins is being dropped from *this* talk. But that does mean the talk can be better focused around the "what and how".


@cwebber Perhaps the history part could be a video / series that you can point folks to, since it seems that's interesting to you and I'd hate for it to get lost while explaining the cool stuff.

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