is your answer to this question wrong? wrong answers only

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@brennen @cwebber we just watched Labyrinth recently and it had the "two choices with one person who always lies and one who always tells the truth" problem and well, is this a variation?

@Greg @brennen It's a variant of that, yes!

If you (and your family) like these kinds of puzzles btw I recommend the books by Raymond Smullyan, which are chock full of such wonderful logic puzzles.

TBH, most of them are beyond me (or my ability to focus on them)! But I appreciate them existing.

@Greg @brennen BTW this joke is also at the heart of the history of computing! Here's a Dr. Seuss type poem that explains the halting problem:

@cwebber @Greg @brennen
Give a whole new meaning to the phrase "a well written mathematical proof is poetry"

@Greg @brennen In particular I recommend "To Mock a Mockingbird"

The Little Schemer also has a nice explanation at the end of it!

@cwebber Yeah, it's wrong. It's soooo wrong!! Like, y'know, that kinda wrong.

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