layoffs, mozilla 

Mozilla laying off 1/4 of staff

Confusingly COVID-19 is blamed, but I don't understand how that could be the case unless it directly correlated with losing specific funders. COVID-19 seems like it could also be an opportunity to close unnecessary offices, dramatically reducing costs.

- This probably means even more browser takeover by chrome
- Vague "pivot to products" talk
- Executive pay keeps going up

layoffs, mozilla 

@cwebber Not to mention a not so subtle hint at abandoning Firefox with the "We have to focus on the products that make money" bit 馃槵


layoffs, mozilla 

@ari what are those though

are there any?

Web 1 0 3

layoffs, mozilla 

@cwebber Uhhh

Ads on the front page I guess, via the pocket acquisition.

Their reselling of Mullvad.

layoffs, mozilla 

@ari Mozilla really, really shouldn't be in the business of overselling privacy through VPNs. While VPNs do mask your IP address to sites you visit, they're still a central target for surveillance...

It's really unfortunate that "a VPN is (mostly) another ISP" is not well understood...

layoffs, mozilla 

@cwebber Oh absolutely, and they completely know better. The only good VPN ad is the one Tom Scott did where he was like "A VPN company tried to sponsor a video but they wouldn't let me actually explain what a VPN does and what it does and doesn't protect against, so I'm just going to explain this anyway and not mention the VPN company."

re: layoffs, mozilla 

@cwebber @ari Mozilla's VPN is really Mullvad though. At least in the US, VPNs are at least "a better ISP".
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