Conversations with a Computer (WIP)

(a "song" / audio experience I'm working on)

The computer has booted up; so far the user and computer are talking happily.

I'd love to know if anyone enjoys this kind of thing and would like to hear more

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@cwebber I would! :blobcheer2: Can I read somewhere about how you generate this stuff?

@pfm Sure! I'm making it in Milkytracker. Mostly I've just been watching various tutorials on YouTube. I wouldn't claim I'm very good or experienced. So far I am generating the samples/instruments manually/procedurally in the program.

Here's the XM file so you can open it in Milkytracker (or similar trackers) yourself if you are interested


This sounds good. I've always enjoyed scenes in various media of computers/robots talking to each other in what I'd call a chiptune style.

Just a thought: making VGM remixes might be a good way to get experience.'s workshop section with Zircon's tutorials may be generally relevant. I've been downloading music from that site for years.

@martianmoorgrove ... but I've never looked at these tutorials! These are great resources, thank you.


Cool, you're welcome. Just for kicks I checked my oldest download's timestamp: "Wed 19 May 2010 02∶37∶22 PM EDT".

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