starting to see the "kids these days" posts from Millennials about Gen Z and "Millenials ruined things for us" show up more from Gen Z

the circle of life continues

@cwebber I was really hoping Gen X would have stopped the generation-blame-game. Chalk up another thing we never got around to.

@craigmaloney it's ok, Gen Z is the last one, you can tell by the name, everyone dies after Z b/c of climate change

this means Gen Z effectively wins the generation blame game because nobody gets to blame them

@cwebber @craigmaloney as good a solution to the problem as we're likely to find, i suppose.

@cwebber i was thinking about this more, and at least half of the millennial-bashing i've ever encountered has been from people who don't realize they're firmly in the window for "millennial" and basically seem to think it means "the kids these days".

generational cohort labels are a bad idea.

@cwebber I'd love to know what I have supposedly ruined for kids.

@cwebber I don't know what generation I'm a part of (X or millennial depending on what chart you look at), but I can definitively say the kids these days are alright.

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