@cwebber @janneke I also liked @mala's comment on HN about how Guix brings the GNU system together:


Everyone in and around Guix is doing amazing work, and I'm proud of that.

@cwebber @janneke

> The initial set of binaries from which packages are built now weighs in at approximately 60~MiB, a quarter of what it used to be.

Oh sweet!
> removes the “static-binaries tarball” containing GNU Awk, Bash, Bzip2, the GNU Core Utilities, Grep, Gzip, GNU Make, Patch, sed, Tar, and Xz. It replaces them by Gash and Gash Core Utils.

@janneke This is what you were working on during FOSDEM 2019! Cool to see it all come to bear fruit. It's a lot of stuff that had to come together. The world thanks you.

@clacke yes, that's right! The "bootstripping" continues....

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