@cwebber Ah ha! He did bring some of his recent JavaScript learnings back to Guile... Cool!

@cwebber I always wanted to create a nice Techno with Guile and now I finally can add a proper base line to my tracks. Thank you.

@cwebber Probably useful for the Guile Emacs effort, as that lists startup compile time as one of the issues needing improvement:

@wauz @mathew It's the OS that has the best editor, because the editor is a quasi-lisp-machine-OS... which is the right decision :)

Its main contender, vi, was dying until it "became an emacs" through vim, as @antifuchs once said to me. (Back in the day, when "OS that lacks a good editor" was most common, one of the most prominent arguments *for* Vi over emacs was that it wasn't extensible; shouldn't the unix philosophy be enough??!?!?!)

@cwebber @wauz @mathew I say we delete everything that comes with a configuration file

@mathew I'm a big fan of the Guile Emacs effort... I packaged Guile Emacs for Guix at one point.

It would indeed be very nice to see it succeed. I'm afraid the air may have been sucked out of the room for it via the native compilation emacs branch (which is not to shoot down the native compilation branch, that's a fantastic effort). However there are some things guile-emacs couple provide that the native compilation can't... I wish it would continue

@cwebber @mathew I thought it lost steam because it was a gsoc project and once the summer ended no one but the gsoc student had enough context to continue the work?

@technomancy @mathew Yes, though that doesn't always happen with GSoC projects, though it is a *frequent* outcome.

@cwebber @mathew In theory native compilation Emacs and Guile Emacs shouldn't necessarily conflict, though doing both would complicate things. The last I saw though, Guile Emacs was reported to be rather slow.
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