uspol, reference to literal nazis 

@cwebber If he sends in the federal troops (not the national guard), it may as well be. Things could slide very quickly from there. The danger point is sometimes less what authorities can get away with than when to stop getting away with it is unbearable.

re: uspol, reference to literal nazis 

@cwebber The scarier thing is, it's not that big of a step to take compared to where we already are, and the paths already well-trodden. (As I've seen many news articles point out, the last time the authority Trump is threatening to use to call in the military was invoked was after the acquittal of the cops who viciously beat Rodney King.)

uspol, reference to literal nazis 

@cwebber Same here. Very nervous. If Trump loses in November, he'll be open to prosecution for his many crimes, and I believe he'd destroy the nation to avoid jail. I have trouble wrapping my head around the number of Americans who enable him

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