can we just be honest with ourselves and society and acknowledge that nobody actually likes chard

@cwebber strong disagree, it's good when cooked well and (chopped) in things like burgers/ground meat.

no really it's ok @Greg this is a safe space you don't have to keep up that facade anymore

@Greg (jk, I'm sure you actually do like it... I like a lot of allegedly terrible greens and actually *can* handle chard, but I find it unsettling)

@cwebber with enough fat and salt anything tastes good ;)

@Greg I mean I don't disagree with that.

Add lemon and you've explained why many people like to eat sea bugs

@cwebber fat, salt, acid. All the things to make things taste good.

And yeah, oysters/lobster/crab/etc is all just a mechanism for fat, salt, and acid consumption. I feel similarly about bagels and cream cheese consumption :)

@Greg @cwebber I actually like the briny oceanic taste of sea bugs and prefer not to ruin it with too much butter...

@mindspillage yeah, same with oysters. A splash of lemon juice and done.

Lobster/crab is all about butter though (for me) :)

@cwebber You can make chard or kale good with the application of a small amount of heat (just enough to wilt it) and a good flavorful fat.

As a vegetarian, you're in for a more uphill battle on the second part of that front, but you can use garlic or another umami transport to give you some of it.

@emacsen I disagree with the "lack of good flavorful fats", most of my favorites of which I discovered while transitioning to vegetarianism. :)

@cwebber as long as you aren't preaching the heresy that Brussels sprouts are bad, we're good

@W10x12_UNO those are good since people learned to roast instead of boiling them and also since

@cwebber There *are* some of us weirdos out there!

(But I presently have a turnip in a glass of water on the windowsill and I occasionally break off a leaf and eat it while working in the kitchen so I generally do not expect my greens-eating habits to be a thing others will share...)

food / cruciferous vegetables 

@cwebber as someone who has written an academic essay/homework assignment on the use of beta vulgaris in sugar production ( #Runkelrübenzuckerfabrikation ) during protoindustrialization in Lower Slesia I can say that people have been burning down and causing explosions in factories full of chard. I have a soft spot for this innocent vegetable but I only learned its English name today and never actually tasted it. I promise I will.

@cwebber I love chard! Especially simmered with a little sherry vinegar. ​:cate:

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