Who would be interested in joining a "Fediverse Futures implementer usergroup" video call? Half an hour of presentations, then half of discussion. If you're interested, please express so here or on this thread:


and also
et al.
If you want to join organising the next #apconf :

irc #apconf on freenode

@cwebber I'm thinking of prototyping a special-purpose AP client. (A post-authoring app.) How applicable would this call be?


*sigh* Sounds cool, but I know diddly squat about coding, let alone AP protocol... Don't think I'd qualify as an "implementor"

@Blort you'd be welcome to come if you'd like to learn things :)

The purpose of saying it's implementor-oriented is to set expectations of what kind of topics will be covered. We also have the SocialCG which is broader in range of topics!


Cool. Well... I'm interested. Just hope I can provide some vaguely useful input! My background is more design, UX, marketing and general weirdness.

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