Someone on Hacker News said ~"the main problem with the fediverse is domain names and we need a more p2p system" and I posted a reply saying ~"as one of the main ActivityPub spec authors, not only do I agree, work is happening to bridge those worlds"

@cwebber We've been needing a p2p domain name system for quite some fucking time now.

It's just that it's very hard to do both p2p and authoritative.

@cwebber I am genuinely stunned that someone on Hacker News is making the claim that the problem with the fediverse is that it's not owned by a single monolithic corporation and is getting a positive response to that claim.

@noelle Well hold on, I don't think the paritcular post I responded to is making that point as much as that *P2P* networks are better than DNS + SSL CAs.

And that's true, especially because DNS and SSL CAs are monolith-controlled!

@cwebber The OP only pivots to the P2P argument in the last part of his post. See e.g. this follow-up comment from the OP:

@noelle I can't speak for what the poster is saying, but I will say that I agree that @<domain> shouldn't matter too much in how we put forward or design things. So I agree with that half... if the poster is also arguing for monoliths, obviously I don't agree with that, but I think their emphasis is on the domain not conveying much in email.

Assume everyone self-hosts. What does the domain mean at that point? How important is it?

And DNS is centralized.

@cwebber "When I sign up for gmail, I can just be myself. I don't have to be myself + something else." After that, I stopped reading the thread,the OP clearly has no idea what he is talking about.

@bortzmeyer But he's not wrong in that the fediverse puts way too much emphasis on instances as communities.

See "Where do communities really live?" on:

@cwebber Well, some people (typically the people who control a tribe they call "community") are happy with that. The good thing about the fediverse is that you can use it in different ways, a cult on an instance, your own instance, an open instance...

@cwebber optional privacy and anonymity baked in is important to me too. imagine the applications for independent media, for instance.
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