The MNT Reform campaign is live!

Now you can buy a laptop you can actually hack and repair and build yourself! The polar opposite of planned obsolescence!


@cwebber what do you do when whoever makes this goes out of business and nobody makes parts anymore

@feld All the parts are available, it's completely libre design. You can even 3d print most of the parts yourself, and that's what @mntmn did for the initial prototype.

For the boards and etc, it's possible to swap them out and upgrade it over time. It's super hackable.

@cwebber @mntmn is there some standard form factor for the boards though?

@cwebber Oh I'm so tempted but it's more expensive than I expected it'd be. x.x

@jfred $1300 is not unusual for laptops though... given the amount of R&D that went into this, seems like an extremely reasonable price!

@cwebber Yeah, that's true. I'm just having a hard time justifying it when I already have so many machines I can use. 😅

Might spring for the DIY one though!

@cwebber Most of my machines have been $~200 eBay finds though. :P

Admittedly it'll probably be trickier to get repairable ThinkPads going forward, the newer ones aren't so easy to get into I think. And I /do/ really like the individually replaceable batteries the Reform has...

@adfeno @jxself Yeah maybe... but I think the best response to this is: use the designs from the MNT Reform to make a replacement board that's even more libre but fits in the same form factor :)

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